The Oakland Cannery Collective:

The mission of the Oakland Cannery Collective is to provide vibrant cultural arts support structure that promotes and preserves the legacy of artists, makers, small businesses and the live/work community. OCC is a celebration dedicated to the cultural arts of Oakland CA: This collaborative effort will integrate the people while challenging policies against displacement and evictions. A dedication for the people by the people representing freedom of expression. Together, with other artistic communities, we seek to localize policies to protect cultural activities while creating a structured platform for social justice.

Alistair Monroe

With a rich family history of artistry and hospitality, Alistair was the founder of the North Beach Jazz Festival, a vehicle for celebrating the legendary jazz history of San Francisco, founder of the Band Shell Music Summit in Golden Gate Park, a celebration of music, art and culture as a dedication to sustainable awareness. Alistair has managed multiple artists including the band Mingus Amungus when they toured Havana, Cuba in 1997 and recorded an album there.

As an inner-city, community-based, music producer and festival promoter, Alistair’s works to enrich and beautify urban environments to educate the public through humanitarian and education platforms.

5733 Oakland Cannery Collective

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